About the show

‘What’s going on in his head?’ is a unique presentation about brain injury. Using my own powerful story it sheds light on ‘the hidden disability’ and reveals some amazing insights into our brains and how they can recover from injury.

The show could be presented at your event.

The talk lasts one hour and is suitable for those aged 14+

What do i need?

There are only very simple requirements to host the talk. No complex rider though if you want to provide huge baskets of fruit, wine and massage services feel free!

1 small table

digital projector via VGA


P.A via 3.5 mm jack plug


A stage allowing access to the audience is preferred

To enquire about bookings and costs get in touch here or call science made simpleĀ  +44(0) 2920 876 884

Read what people have said about the show here

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Evalution report

feedback was collected an analysed by an independent evaluator. The report can be read here.

Head Show Evaluation Report January 2015-1


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Ukabif film award

My story in 5 minutes!



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Headway is the head injury chaity on the U.K. they produce some very useful lterature about brian injury and offer a helpline for sufferers and carers. Most importantly they host group sesisons around the country enabling people to share experiences good and bad and meet other people. Knowing you are not the only one can be a really powerful tool in recovery and the headway staff are very knowledgable about the huge variety of impacts of head injury.

Their website has loads of useful information and links and features case studies to see how other people have dealt with thier injury.

The latest contributor is…..well o.k it’s me

click here to read it



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What is a stroke

Stroke’s affect thousands each year and can strike people of any age at any time. Hear more below

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Craniotomy and craniectomy

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